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Change Parties - Re-Register to Vote Under Your New Party

You may have noticed that the leaders, elected officials, and hardcore activists in your party support an ever increasing welfare state and size and cost of government at all levels, while at the same time they oppose real and meaningful welfare fraud prevention measures. You may also have noticed that these leaders, elected officials, and activists support existing and new laws and government programs to give "free" housing, food, education including college education, and even health insurance to illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere, who are not supposed to be here in the first place!

Tens of Billions of tax dollars are being given to illegal aliens in "free" cash and services at your expense in California alone. The states most impacted by massive illegal immigration - the south western border states, shift a substantial amount of the tax burder to other states by using federal tax funds to house, feed, educate, and give "free" medical coverage to illegal aliens. And Billions of additional tax dollars are squandered on welfare fraud of all types while many politicians look the other way or support laws and policies to make it easier to commit welfare fraud.

If you feel that your party's leaders, elected officials, and activists have supported laws, policies, and conditions where you are treated like a foreigner in your own country, while illegal aliens and welfare cheats are treated like first class citizens - and even given the "welcome mat" and "red carpet treatment", it is time to change parties. Perhaps you feel that your taxes are too many and too high, and you simply cannot afford your political party any more.

Take a look at your payroll deductions, and all the taxes and fees on your phone bill (I'll bet you don't even know what many of them are for - neither do I!). Taxes are the highest cost of living, even higher than housing, energy, and insurance, for most Americans. In addition to federal, state, and perhaps even local income taxes, you pay property taxes whether you own or rent your residence; motor vehicle taxes; telephone, electricity, and water utility taxes; sales taxes; federal and state gasoline taxes plus the sales tax on the gasoline (and all the payroll taxes you paid before you could even spend that money on the gasoline!); and all of the business taxes that are included in the prices of all the goods and services you purchase.

Your school teachers probably never taught you that the you, the consumer, pay all of the business taxes, which are passed on to you along with all the other costs of doing business. Otherwise, the business would go out of business if it cannot recover all of its operating costs, including all of its many federal, state, and local taxes, and then make some profit to make it worthwhile to remain in business. Did you ever wonder why Taxes are due April 15 of each year, while the general elections are held much later in November?

I would prefer a tax system where everyone had to write one single check for all of their taxes combined, once each year just before the election. But that is not going to happen any time soon. Most politicians believe the voters have a short memory and prefer to keep the current system of payroll deductions and an election more than six months after tax day. But you can prove them wrong. You can register your protest to the status quo by re-registering to vote under a different party that supports smaller and less costly government, and personal responsibility and voluntary charity rather than socialist policies that include a massive welfare state with income re-distribution.

Perhaps your party has been hijacked by socialists at the party leadership and elected official level. Perhaps your party left you a long time ago!

You can re-register to vote under a different party, or as a "Decline to State" voter (i.e., and independent voter), by following your state's voter registration procedures. In California, this is identical to registering to vote the first time. You use the same voter registration form.

To register to vote (or re-register) in a state other than California, use a search engine to search for the name of your state and "voter registration" "register to vote", or something similar. Or you can try using the state government resource search engine below, under All States - State Government Resources.

You may register to vote (or re-register) in California if you meet ALL of the following criteria.

WARNING: It is a crime to register to vote if you are NOT a U.S. citizen or if you do not meet the other requirements. Registering to vote and/or voting in the U.S. when you are not a U.S. citizen may prevent you from ever being able to become a legal U.S. citizen.

Register to Vote in California using one of the following methods - YOU MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN!

All States - State Government Resources:

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