100 Percent Campaign to Prevent Welfare Fraud™

The campaign to "insure all the children" is really a campaign to raise your taxes to buy "free" medical insurance for illegal aliens (adults and children), promote socialized medicine and increased illegal immigration, and enrich greedy health insurance companies at your expense.

It is supported by HealthNet, Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, United Way, and wealthy socialist Democrat aligned organizations, foundations, and endowments including The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, Children Now, Children's Defense Fund and The Children's Partnership.

These socialist oranizations have promoted and lobbied for counter-productive laws and policies including dangerous gun control laws that increase violent crime, tax hikes, and policies that promote increased illegal immigration and welfare fraud.

100 Percent Campaign™ Web Site

100 Percent Campaign™ graphic of your tax money on fire, representing the waste from welfare fraud and abuse.

Verify 100 Percent of Welfare Applications
     with Home Visits to Prevent Fraud and Abuse!

Act now to save Billions of dollars of taxpayer money from wasteful welfare fraud and abuse, including Thousands of dollars of your own tax money! Read the following information and instructions, and then contact the governor and your state legislators today and every day until they enact SB 269 into law.

The Democrats are enacting legislation for "free" health insurance for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense!

Tell them to vote NO on California AB 1 (Laird & Dymally) and SB 32 (Steinberg) in the 2007-2008 legislative session.

Tell them to vote YES on SB 269 (McClintock) in the 2007-2008 legislative session.

Links to their contact information are provided below.

  • Tell the politicians we WILL NOT TOLERATE Billions of dollars of our tax money being wasted on welfare fraud and abuse!

  • Also tell the politicians we WILL NOT TOLERATE their spending our tax money for "free" medical insurance for illegal aliens!

Welcome to the 100 Percent Campaign™ web site.

The 100 Percent Campaign™ is an educational and advocacy campaign to help enact state legislation that will save taxpayers at least 25 percent of the cost of public assistance cash and services by verifying 100 percent of the applications to prevent fraud and abuse. The verification process includes a home visit by an investigator trained in fraud prevention. Public assistance fraud and abuse steals money from the taxpayers and from lawful recipients of public assistance money and services.

This program is already a proven success in San Diego County, but it needs to be expanded statewide (see the related news articles below). San Diego County adopted this program, named "Project 100 Percent", in June of 1997. "Project 100 Percent" required that all applicants for public assistance in the county, within 10 days of the application for services, receive a brief home call from a San Diego County District Attorney investigator, at the applicant's residence.

More than 118,000 home calls have been conducted, and have consistently identified an average of 25 percent of all preliminarily approved applicants to be totally ineligible for public assistance, based on the investigative findings of the District Attorney.

With 100 percent verification of public assistance applications, fraud will be detected and prevented before it is too late and the money is gone, saving California taxpayers Billions of dollars every year.

California State Senator Tom McClintock has introduced SB 269 on February 15, 2007. SB 269 will implement the "Project 100 Percent" on a statewide basis.

Contact your state legislators often by phone, email, and mail to urge them to oppose AB 1 and SB 32. Tell them "NO FREE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!" Also urge them to support SB 269 to prevent welfare fraud that is costing California taxpayers Billions of dollars each year.

Go to the following web page and enter you ZIP code to get names, phone numbers, and addresses of your state senator and assemblymember:


Contact Governor Schwarzenegger often by email, phone, and mail and urge him to support SB 269.

Use the following link to get his contact information:

CONTACT THE GOVERNOR - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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